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Housemates Guide

Developed by The Arc of Indiana and Self-Advocates of Indiana 

Thanks to supports provided by Indiana’s Medicaid waiver program, people with developmental disabilities live in homes and apartments in communities throughout Indiana.  Many people in Medicaid waiver residential programs have housemates.  However, approximately 1,000 people live alone who receive 24 hour supports, seven days a week.

Living with one or two other people in an apartment or house can reduce costs by allowing individuals to share staff and supports.  Indiana’s Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) estimates that $10-$15 million annually in state funds could be saved if people currently living alone shared their home with one or more housemates.  In these difficult economic times, these savings could help prevent funding reductions or even the elimination of programs, and could help hundreds of people still waiting for community residential services finally get the services and supports they need.  There are now over 20,000 people on waiting lists for Medicaid waiver services.

Most importantly, finding the right housemate can lead to companionship and friendship and a life that is more truly integrated into the community.

The Arc of Indiana has developed a Housemates Guide to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, families, case managers and providers through the process of finding housemates.

View our Housemates Guide and learn more about:
  • The Housemate Bill of Rights
  • Guiding Principles and Best Practices
  • Finding a Housemate – Steps to Take
  • Questions to Ask/Things to Think About in Choosing a Housemate
  • How to be a Good Housemate
  • Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like a copy of our Housemates Guide contact us!  Please include your name and mailing address, along with a request to send you The Arc of Indiana’s Housemates Guide.