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A View on Autism with a Father and My Mentor

Paul Howell and Michelle Fischer Michelle and Paul Howell IIPlease listen in to a special View from My Window, as our host, Michelle Fischer, talks with Paul Howell on his view of being a father to a young son with autism.

Paul is a good friend of Michelle’s going back to her high school days.  At that time Paul was the news anchor at the local Lafayette, IN television station, and Michelle was eager to learn about the news and broadcasting industry.  Paul became her mentor, and helped her take her first steps to becoming a broadcast journalist.

When Michelle learned Paul has a son with autism, she asked if he would be a guest on her show – their paths now coming full circle.

3 responses to “A View on Autism with a Father and My Mentor”

  1. Adriana Howell says:

    Wonderful interview! Thank you for sharing the finished product.

  2. Paul Howell says:


    Very nicely done! You sounded fantastic and the whole thing was put together really well. I really appreciate your editing of the several times my emotions got the better of me. Thanks again for doing this. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you.


  3. Dad Howell says:

    Excellent talk Paul. You did a great job and I hope more parents get involved with less negative connotations on the subject.

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