2023 Public Policy Agenda

The Arc of Indiana works to inspire positive change in public policy and public attitudes. We have a full agenda for the 2023 legislative session at the Indiana Statehouse.

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Executive Summary

Establish legislation redefining Indiana’s special education categories regarding funding.

Monitor and support legislation increasing the state’s investment in the First Steps program and the elimination of the cost-participation sliding scale.

Monitor and support funding to increase rates for home and community-based case management services.

Monitor and support legislation funding to increase rates of important therapy services, including physical, occupational, ABA, music, art, developmental and dance therapies.

Monitor and support legislation that protects/increases Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services and Direct Support Professional rates due to inflation.

Monitor legislation increasing the state’s investment in the public health of Hoosiers.

Monitor legislation regarding the make-up of the Medicaid Advisory Committee.

Support legislation providing families of children receiving special education services with more protections and rights.

Monitor legislation updating access to services through the Education Scholarship Accounts program.

Support workforce legislation that could lead to increased employment opportunities for people with disabilities, including reducing barriers such as a “benefit cliff.”

Support licensure of music, developmental, art and dance therapies.

Monitor the state’s utilization of American Rescue Plan dollars for services for people with IDD.

Establish a Direct Support Professional training curriculum, certification and a registry.

Establish new priorities for the Community Integration and Habilitation (CIH) waiver as well as a pilot program for a Special Service Review Team to review requests for the CIH Waiver.

Establish an incident report appeals process for Direct Support Professionals reported on the registry.

Monitor the construction of an outreach plan for Structured Family Caregiving.

Monitor funding efforts for Indiana’s 9-8-8 Crisis Line.

Monitor the creation of a Medicaid Ombudsman for long-term care services for risk-based managed care.

Monitor FSSA’s prioritization of self-direct care in the development and implementation of risk-based managed care.

Monitor actions taken to move into LTSS into risk-based managed care.

Require schools to inform families of alternatives to guardianship when they discuss seeking guardianships for their students.

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