ACL Awards No Wrong Door Governance Grant to Indiana

The Administration for Community Living (ACL) has awarded Indiana and nine other states grants to establish and strengthen a No Wrong Door (NWD) governance structure within the state.

The NWD system vision includes national standards, tools, metrics, and best practices that all states can use to develop a single “high performing” access system to serve all populations who may need any long term services and supports (LTSS), regardless of payer. With the adoption of a NWD vision, each state has a single, coordinated statewide system where multiple agencies at the state and local level align to create a simplified process through which individuals and family caregivers can access unbiased information and one-on-one counseling on the options available in their communities.

The new NWD governance grantees will focus on strengthening the NWD governing body in their state, assessing individual caregiver access, and mapping this access from the state and individual family caregiver perspective. Each state will seek to:

  • Establish and strengthen a NWD governing body and governance structure, comprised of representation from multiple state agencies and key stakeholders, responsible for coordinating the on-going development, implementation, financing, evaluation and continual improvement of the state’s NWD system;
  • Assess and conduct analysis on individual and family caregiver access to LTSS by identifying key referral sources and gaps in services; and
  • Develop a plan to address identified challenges in access to LTSS within the NWD system.

The other award recipients include Alaska, California, Missouri, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Total grant awards amount to $3.9 million over two years.

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