Health Insurance Market Place and Options for Children with Special Needs

From The Arc Insurance Project

Open enrollment for the health insurance plans ends March 31st.

Does your health insurance plan cover enough services for your loved one with a developmental disability?  Especially if your loved one is a child in need of early intervention?

Does your child have autism, but your employer’s health plan does not cover autism?  You may have more options under the new health care law.

These plans are with private insurance companies under the health insurance reform law, the Affordable Care Act.  The plans cover many services that are needed by people with developmental disabilities that are not often covered under private insurance plans.

The ACA or policies must cover autism services, including ABA; and child only policies are available.

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Remember, do not wait if you think you might want to sign up for one of these plans!  Open enrollment for the new health care marketplace plans ends March 31st.