Federal Approval Received for HIP 2.0

Indiana has received approval to provide health care coverage to uninsured Hoosiers through an updated version of the state’s Healthy Indiana Plan, known as HIP 2.0, instead of Medicaid. The Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) will begin taking applications immediately, and coverage will begin February 1.  With this approval, Indiana will end traditional Medicaid for all non-disabled Hoosiers between 19 and 64.

HIP 2.0 participants will be required to contribute to a POWER account, which can be managed like a health savings account.  Consequences for non-payment range from mandatory co-pays for services to loss of coverage. In addition, the plan includes a co-pay for emergency room use, designed to encourage appropriate use of the emergency room. The plan also offers low-income Hoosiers an option to receive assistance in purchasing private-market insurance through their employers, called HIP Link. The plan includes a component to refer applicants to job training and job search programs offered by the State of Indiana.

In addition, the State will reform its traditional Medicaid program by increasing reimbursement for healthcare providers.  The State negotiated the rate increase as part of its agreement with the Indiana Hospitals Association, which will help fund the Healthy Indiana Plan.

“The expanded and updated HIP 2.0 is based on a program that has been serving 60,000 low-income Hoosiers in our state for seven years,” said Governor Pence. “It is a proven model for Medicaid reform across the nation.”

For information on how to enroll in the Healthy Indiana Plan, visit www.HIP.IN.gov  or call 1-877-GETHIP-9.

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