I/DD Issues Included in Lt. Governor’s 2021 Priorities

Governor Eric Holcomb and Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch have announced their 2021 public policy agenda. We greatly appreciate Lt. Governor Crouch’s inclusion of issues impacting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In her remarks, Lt. Governor Crouch said, “The pandemic has challenged every Hoosier in unique ways, and it has certainly shed light on the very real needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities – Hoosiers with autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. In light of COVID, we will continue to review our work related to employment, technology and workforce support. Our goal is to prioritize specific improvements related to employment, use of technology, social connectivity, and direct workforce support for our Hoosiers dealing with intellectual and developmental challenges.

This will require the same all hands-on-deck approach that has characterized our response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Employers, neighbors, faith groups, schools and Hoosiers of all backgrounds must work together to address these challenges. My agencies will continue to partner with FSSA to help in every possible way.”

Lt. Governor Crouch visits with staff and clients at The Arc of Lagrange County,

Lieutenant Governor Crouch

  • Employment, technology and workforce support to prioritize specific improvements related to employment, use of technology, social connectivity and direct workforce support for our Hoosiers with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
  • Creation of Director of Broadband Opportunities and Next Level Connections Grant Program
  • Raise minimum Wi-Fi speed to the federal minimum standard
  • Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority is creating a public/private partnership to develop our state’s housing supply and needs on a county-by-county basis
    Photo: Lt. Governor Crouch at The Arc of LaGrange County

Governor Holcomb

5 Pillars

  • Economy
  • Infrastructure
  • Education, Training and Workforce Development
  • Public Health
  • Providing Good Government for all Hoosiers


  • Balanced Budget
  • Prudent Reserves (to get us back to where we were pre-pandemic)
  • Expanding Manufacturing Readiness Grants
  • Tripling Defense Invest by 2025
  • Share Indiana’s Good News through the Indiana Destination Development Corporation


  • Next Level Broadband Infrastructure
  • #1 State Infrastructure Ranking
  • 2 Biggest North American Rail Projects
  • Trail Friendly State’s in the Nation ($90 million)
  • 1 million New Trees Planted over the next 5 years

Education, Training & Workforce Development

  • Increase School Funding
  • Restore Higher Ed Funding
  • Focus on Outcomes instead of Compliance
  • Move SBOE and State Charter Board to be underneath DOE
  • Help Schools Maintain Waivers for Unfunded Mandates
  • Expand Early Learning
  • Examine Virtual Learning
  • Attracting Top Teacher Talent
  • Designing a Minority Teacher Recruitment Plan
  • Publishing a Teacher Compensation Dashboard (Goes Live Today)
  • Recruit veterans and service members to be public safety officers and first responders


  • Everyone includes women in the workforce (Workforce Pregnancy Accommodations Bill)
  • Long-term Health Care Reform
  • Focus on outcomes and quality for Medicaid eligible elderly citizens
  • Comprehensive review of local health departments and state delivery of public health services

Good Government

  • Expand telemedicine services
  • Make virtual meeting options permanent
  • Businesses and schools COVID-19 liability protection
  • Ease restrictions to obtain a driver’s license reinstatement
  • Remove failure to appear as a license suspension
  • Body Cameras for State Police
  • Diversity Data dashboard up and running
  • Complete an outside review of state policy academy and agencies
  • Cabinet level, chief equity inclusion and opportunity officer