New Fact Sheets from The Arc Insurance Advocacy Resource Center

The Arc Insurance Advocacy Resource Center (INARC) has new and updated fact sheets on insurance issues impacting families who have children with disabilities.

Insurance Advocacy Resource Center Fact Sheets

ABA Autism Treatment – Health Insurance Appeal Tips

FAQ about Medicaid Coverage for Autism Treatment

Medicaid Autism Treatment Benefits Under EPSDT, What Parents Need to Know

Self-Funded / ERISA Insurance Plans – Coverage for Developmental Disabilities, Autism and ABA

Funding Sources for ABA Therapy

Finding a Quality ABA Provider – A Parent Perspective 

Clarifications Regarding ABA Treatment – Practice Guidelines for Healthcare Funders and Managers

The Affordable Care Act: Some Basics to Know to Get Started

Mental Health Parity – The Basics

Health Insurance Options for Adult Children with Developmental Disabilities
Don’t Wait Until They are 26!

Comparing Health Insurance Plan Options

INARC assists families who have a loved one with disability navigate their public and/or private insurance policies and increase knowledge of health insurance options and benefits. Michele Trivedi, MHA, serves as INARC’s Manager. Michele is a former health services executive, parent of an adult with autism, and a long time insurance advocate. She works to help families and individuals throughout the state with complicated health insurance issues and concerns.

Contact Michele at or 317-977-2375 or 800-382-9100.

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