A View into the Tenderness Tour (and more) with Richard Propes

Listen in as Michelle talks with Richard Propes, whose annual Tenderness Tour has been raising funds for charitable organizations for 29 years.

From September 1-7, 2018, Richard, a paraplegic/double amputee with spina bifida, will once again travel the roads and  trails of Indiana for his 29th annual Tenderness Tour, his nationally recognized event that he started in 1989 with a 41-day, 1086 mile wheelchair ride around the State of Indiana.

The 2018 Tenderness Tour will be a first for Richard as he works to establish the Tenderness Award, a $500 scholarship to be awarded annually in October to a student with a physical disability attending The Arc’s Erskine Green Training Institute. The goal is to raise $5,000 to fund the scholarship for 10 years.

Listen to the podcast to learn about the tour, how the first tour put Richard on a path to change his life, and Richard’s and Michelle’s perspectives on pushing past perceived obstacles to lead a full life. Donate to the tour at www.mightycause.com/story/2018tendernesstour.

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