A View with Dr. Will Miller

Michelle and Dr. Will

Dr. Will Miller, “Dr. Will,” keynote speaker at The Arc of Indiana’s 2013 Conference, spent 16 years as a professional stand-up comedian, five years as Nick-At-Nite’s television therapist, and is currently the official psychotherapist for the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom radio show.  He is also a minister in Lafayette, Indiana, grandfather to a young man who happens to have cerebral palsy and the author of “Refrigerator Rights,” which shares a message about the importance of having personal connections in your life – connections with people who feel comfortable enough to join you at your house and help themselves to something from the refrigerator.

Michelle sat down to talk with Dr. Will at The Arc’s 2013 conference.  You do not want to miss listening in as they talk about the importance of personal connections, celebrating our unique gifts and the gifts of others, and what he has learned through the relationship with his grandson.  Plus, a pretty hilarious conversation about the time someone assumed Michelle could not talk.

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