A View with Jay Ruckelshaus and Ramp Less Traveled

Listen in as Michelle talks with Jay Ruckelshaus, founder of Ramp Less Traveled, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with spinal cord injuries in the pursuit of higher education.

Jay, a native of Indianapolis, founded Ramp Less Traveled in May 2013 after finishing his first year of college. Jay knows firsthand the difficulty in planning for college life in a wheelchair, having sustained a C4/5 spinal cord injury in July 2011 – just weeks before he was set to start at Duke University.

Ramp Less Traveled envisions a world in which all students have the ability to succeed in college and pursue their goals – catastrophic injury notwithstanding,  Learn more as Michelle talks with Jay.

Visit Ramp Less Traveled at: http://ramplesstraveled.com.

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