Telling Your Story – Putting a Face on “Faceless” Budget Cuts

Further state budget cuts were announced yesterday, but how the cuts will be implemented remains unclear.  Governor Daniels has asked all state agencies to reduce their budgets by a total of 15% – this does include the 10% cuts already announced last week that touch many of the programs for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

At this point, FSSA has indicated they are working to address the additional 5% cut through contract reductions that do not affect individuals or require further rate cuts, but no guarantees can be made.

6 News in Indianapolis  reported on the impact of budget cuts, including interviews with me and Noble of Indiana – the local chapter of The Arc in Marion and Hamiliton counties.  Take a view minutes to view 6 News’ Kara Kenny’s report.

This latest news only underscores the importance of The Arc’s Building Pathways to Empowerment Campaign.  A critical piece of that campaign is to put a “face” on the “faceless” impact of budget cuts.  To do that, we need to hear your story.

This week we hosted a forum on Early Intervention and Education, and heard from Barb Kleist of The Arc of Greater Twin Cities, MN on the importance of telling your story.  Our web site will soon provide a simple way to share your story, upload video and share photos.  We will also have video clips of Barb’s presentation on why sharing your story is so important, and simple tips on how to to share your story in the most effective way.

The Arc has a long history of making a difference – but only because families and self-advocates can make a very real and personal connection with policy makers on the impact of their decisions.

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I look forward to hearing from you, and learning more about your story!