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Programs, Services and Supports

Programas, Servicios y Apoyos Lista de Reproduccion

About The Arc of Indiana

About Self Advocacy

Erskine Green Training Institute

Pathways to Employment

Adult Guardianship in Indiana

Tutela para adultos en Indiana

Moving from a Nursing Facility

The Arc PSA – Driven by Opportunity

The Arc Respect PSA – Ending the “R” Word

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Video Links from The Arc of the United States

General Awareness Videos

Respect (2009) (1:53)

The Arc – Driven by Opportunity/Brand Launch (2011) (2:17)

65 Years of The Arc (2015) (stop at 1:48)

Independence Is Everyone’s Right: Help Us Fight for It in 2020! (2019)  (2:21)

Martha’s Story (2021) (2:29)

Angel & Amparo (English Subtitles) – YouTube (2021)  (3:07)

General Awareness – Advocacy

If I could say one thing to Congress (supports, Medicaid, health care)  (2017) (1:40)

What do you advocate for? (Medicaid, SSI) (2018) (1:23)

Real Stories, Real Impact: Advocates on Capital Hill (2019) 1:24

General Awareness – Public Service Announcements

The Story of Annika and Maya (2011) (1:00)

The Arc Across a Lifetime PSA (2015) (0:30)

General Awareness – Thank You Videos

Thank you to Congressional Champions (2014) (2:19)

Because of You (self-advocates with signs) (2013) (1:01)

Thank you from The Arc (self-advocates, family, and friends with snipets about empowerment) (2017) (2:04)

Issue Awareness Videos – The DSP Crisis

The Direct Support Professionals Crisis (2019) (1:35)

The Urgency of the Direct Support Professional Crisis: Susan’s Story (2021) (2:42)

Issue Awareness Videos – Community Supports

Why Does Life in the Community Matter to People With Disabilities? (2019) (1:40)

Issue Awareness Videos – Paid Leave and Family Caregiving

Paid Leave: A Vital Tool for Families and People With Disabilities (2019) (3:02)

Paid Leave and Disability: One Family’s Story (autism, kidney transplant, financial impact) (2017) (3:21)

Paid Leave and Disability: The Story of Debbi and Her Family (complex medical needs) (2018) (3:20)

Issue Awareness Video – SSI and Medicaid

For Many People with Disabilities, Medicaid & SSI Mean Independence (self-advocate and family member voices) (2018)  (2:06)

Issue Awareness Videos – Medicaid

Graysen’s Lifeline (complex medical, quit job) (2011) (1:28)

Clare’s Lifeline (significant needs, quit job) (2011) (1:32)

Bailey’s Lifeline (significant needs, marital stress, family impact) (2011) (1:32)

Meet Javi and Linda (autism, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, single parent, work full-time) (2017) (1:58)

Meet Soojung and Alice (complex medical needs, non-verbal, waiver services, back to work) (2017) (2:25)

Meet Bryan (DSPs, college, work, volunteer work) (2017) (1:28)

Meet Calvin (special needs parenting, inadequate insurance, financial impact) (2017) (1:54)

Program Videos

Pathways to Justice: Start the Conversation (2014) (4:24)

HealthMeet Introduction (2015) (4:21)

Talk about Sexual Violence – Kecia meets with her doctor (2017) (3:32)

Talk about Sexual Violence – How to have the conversation (2017) (3:36)

Why Future Planning is Important (2017) (3:16)

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