Empowering People, Inspiring Change

Join The Arc!

When you become a member of The Arc you become part of a network of over 30,000 Hoosier members and thousands of members nationwide – families, self-advocates, and individuals who provide support, information and encouragement to one another. Membership in The Arc provides a sense of purpose and belonging.

Help Continue The Arc’s Mission

When you join The Arc you belong to a well-established and respected state and national association. Members are essential as we continue our mission of advocating for a better life for Indiana’s citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Make Your Voice Heard

When you join you become a part of the nation’s largest grassroots movement that works to protect the rights of people with disabilities and to ensure that resources and supports are available to meet their needs. You unite with many strong voices that public officials listen to and respect in the Indiana General Assembly and Washington, D.C.


When you join The Arc you will receive our quarterly newsletter, The Arc News In Indiana and The Arc US newsletter, Empower.

Individual and Family Membership

Join The Arc through your local chapter – When you become a member of a chapter of The Arc, you are also a member of The Arc of Indiana and The Arc of the United States.

Join The Arc as an At Large Member – If there is not a chapter of The Arc in your area, join The Arc of Indiana and The Arc of the United States as an “at large” member.

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