Education Scholarship Accounts

Eligible parents/guardians who have a child enrolled in special education services at a non-public school (and do not receive an Indiana Choice Scholarship) can apply to establish an Education Scholarship Account (ESA) to be used for their child’s education expenses.

Indiana’s new Education Scholarship Account Program (Indiana ESA) allows eligible families who establish an ESA to receive 90% of the basic state tuition support allotted to their child. In addition, if their child receives special education services in a location outside of their geographically assigned school corporation, they will receive 100% of special education dollars allotted to their child.

Families who choose this option should be aware that children enrolled in a non-public school do not
have protections provided under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), including due process rights.

State Treasurer’s INESA Webpage
Application Page

Indiana ESA August Newsletter

Click here to watch a webinar, “What You Need to Know About Education Scholarship Accounts,” hosted by The Arc of Indiana, INSOURCE, the Office of Indiana Treasurer of State and the Indiana Department of Education.

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