Helping Marilyn Achieve Her Dream to “Get Out of Here”

The best part of my job as Director of The Arc Master Trust is working with our trust beneficiaries to get not only basic necessities, but also the nice extras that we all want in life.  Best of all, sometimes we help people change their lives and achieve their dreams.

In October of 2010, I met with a woman who I will call Marilyn, who has lived in a nursing home on the near west-side of Indianapolis for nearly 30 years.

My meeting with Marilyn was to finalize paperwork to set up a Trust II account on her behalf.  Her mother had recently passed away and she was due to receive an inheritance from both of her parents.

The first thing she said to me when I asked how The Arc Trust could best help her is,  “I want out of here.  I want my own apartment. I do not like living here and I want to be closer to my family and friends who all live in Lafayette.”

I looked at Marilyn and said, “Ok, we’ll see if we can get this done.  It may take a while, so you will need to be patient, but we will work make this happen for you.

Last week we signed the papers to move Marilyn to Lafayette into her temporary residence at a very nice Assisted Living Facility where she will have her own room, including a small kitchenette.  The ultimate goal is for Marilyn to move into a more affordable apartment, that has the necessary supports, access to transportation, and nearby doctors’ offices and stores.  Most importantly, Marilyn will soon live close to family and friends.

Marilyn’s trust through The Arc Master Trust, funded with the money her parents left for her, has allowed her to realize her dream.  It is more than a great day at work when you can help make that happen.

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