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May 11, 2023 – Waiver Transition & Redesign Update with Cathy Robinson, DDRS Associate Director
In this webinar, Cathy Robinson, associate director of the division of disability and rehabilitative services (DDRS), addresses how the end of the Public Health Emergency  impacts flexibilities provided to Indiana’s Medicaid Waiver program and provides an update on the transition of the Aged and Disabled Waiver and TBI Waiver for individuals under 60 from the Division of Aging to DDRS. Webinar Slides 

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Erskine Green Training Institute

Pathways to Employment

Adult Guardianship in Indiana

Tutela para adultos en Indiana

Moving from a Nursing Facility

The Arc PSA – Driven by Opportunity

The Arc Respect PSA – Ending the “R” Word

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General Awareness Videos

Respect (2009) (1:53)

The Arc – Driven by Opportunity/Brand Launch (2011) (2:17)

65 Years of The Arc (2015) (stop at 1:48)

Independence Is Everyone’s Right: Help Us Fight for It in 2020! (2019)  (2:21)

Martha’s Story (2021) (2:29)

Angel & Amparo (English Subtitles) – YouTube (2021)  (3:07)

General Awareness – Advocacy

If I could say one thing to Congress (supports, Medicaid, health care)  (2017) (1:40)

What do you advocate for? (Medicaid, SSI) (2018) (1:23)

Real Stories, Real Impact: Advocates on Capital Hill (2019) 1:24

General Awareness – Public Service Announcements

The Story of Annika and Maya (2011) (1:00)

The Arc Across a Lifetime PSA (2015) (0:30)

General Awareness – Thank You Videos

Thank you to Congressional Champions (2014) (2:19)

Because of You (self-advocates with signs) (2013) (1:01)

Thank you from The Arc (self-advocates, family, and friends with snipets about empowerment) (2017) (2:04)

Issue Awareness Videos – The DSP Crisis

The Direct Support Professionals Crisis (2019) (1:35)

The Urgency of the Direct Support Professional Crisis: Susan’s Story (2021) (2:42)

Issue Awareness Videos – Community Supports

Why Does Life in the Community Matter to People With Disabilities? (2019) (1:40)

Issue Awareness Videos – Paid Leave and Family Caregiving

Paid Leave: A Vital Tool for Families and People With Disabilities (2019) (3:02)

Paid Leave and Disability: One Family’s Story (autism, kidney transplant, financial impact) (2017) (3:21)

Paid Leave and Disability: The Story of Debbi and Her Family (complex medical needs) (2018) (3:20)

Issue Awareness Video – SSI and Medicaid

For Many People with Disabilities, Medicaid & SSI Mean Independence (self-advocate and family member voices) (2018)  (2:06)

Issue Awareness Videos – Medicaid

Graysen’s Lifeline (complex medical, quit job) (2011) (1:28)

Clare’s Lifeline (significant needs, quit job) (2011) (1:32)

Bailey’s Lifeline (significant needs, marital stress, family impact) (2011) (1:32)

Meet Javi and Linda (autism, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, single parent, work full-time) (2017) (1:58)

Meet Soojung and Alice (complex medical needs, non-verbal, waiver services, back to work) (2017) (2:25)

Meet Bryan (DSPs, college, work, volunteer work) (2017) (1:28)

Meet Calvin (special needs parenting, inadequate insurance, financial impact) (2017) (1:54)

Program Videos

Pathways to Justice: Start the Conversation (2014) (4:24)

HealthMeet Introduction (2015) (4:21)

Talk about Sexual Violence – Kecia meets with her doctor (2017) (3:32)

Talk about Sexual Violence – How to have the conversation (2017) (3:36)

Why Future Planning is Important (2017) (3:16)

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