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Building Relationships – Easy and Important

It seems just as one legislative session ends, the next begins. Each summer and fall we stress the importance of building relationships with legislators to our local chapters, parents, self advocates and board members.  We certainly don’t want people to become pen pals with their legislators and bother them too much. What we really want…

Understanding Special Needs Trusts – Medicaid Prohibits Commingling Funds

Last week The Arc received an emergency phone call from a father.  John Dickerson, Executive Director of The Arc of Indiana took the phone call. The father explained that during his son’s annual Medicaid Recertification, the Medicaid caseworker informed dad that he was not allowed to add his son’s work income to the Special Needs…

The Power of Personal Stories in the Legislative Process

Thanks from The Arc to all of the families and self advocates who came out in force over the last two weeks of the legislative session to advocate regarding the Medicaid waiver language in the budget bill. It is a wonderful feeling to have legislators come up and say, “I heard from a family today,”…

A Pathways Update

Michelle talks with John Dickerson on key initiatives of the Pathways Campaign and how families can give important input not only at Regional Forums, but also through public forums on the Pathways web site.

Pathways Update

Michelle talks with The Arc’s Executive Director, John Dickerson, on the next phase of the Pathways Campaign, as well as recent media reports on critical problems with services for people with developmental disabilities.