Strategic Plan
January 2023 – December 2025


The Arc of Indiana is committed to all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities realizing their goals
of living, learning, working and fully participating in the community.

We are home to The Arc Master Trust, Indiana’s leading special needs trust, serving Hoosiers of all disabilities since 1988, and affiliated with The Arc of the United States.

The Arc of Indiana Foundation works to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities, including opportunities through Erskine Green Training Institute.


The Arc of Indiana is the trusted, leading resource for people with disabilities, their families, and all other stakeholders because of our bold, strategic programs and effective advocacy that promotes choice and equitable opportunities for all Hoosiers with disabilities.

Vision #1  
Ensure The Arc of Indiana has long term effectiveness and continues to adapt to the changing needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families while at the same time having a board and staff representative of the diverse populations, including age and cultures, we represent.

The Arc of Indiana was established in 1956 by families who wanted and demanded more for their children born with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are thankful for our founders and certainly know we would not be where we are without them but, as times have changed, so have the issues needing discussion and impact.

The Arc of Indiana needs to engage families of all ages and the next generation of caregivers to make sure we understand the issues they worry about today, and that they know The Arc of Indiana is a resource. As we plan for our next generation of caregivers, we need to make sure they feel the same connection to The Arc as our founders did. The Arc of Indiana will strategize to find ways to increase the awareness of our brand and engage families of all ages to get them active and engaged in our mission.

Vision #2 
Impact the Direct Service Worker workforce crisis by supporting recruitment of qualified staff and effective training methods, while supporting efforts to reduce the demand for and reliance upon the workforce.

As we consider the most critical issues facing individuals and families currently and in the immediate future, the inability of our support system to fulfill staffing commitments is preventing the attainment of a good life for many individuals receiving waiver supports. The Arc of Indiana understands the importance of a quality workforce and will continue to advocate for a sufficient workforce in both quality and quantity. The Arc will continue to
support effective recruitment strategies and high-quality training efforts.

In addition, we also understand prioritizing independence and self-sufficiency through employment, health and wellness and the use of technology as support options, are ways to achieve a good life. These approaches can reduce the need for direct support worker engagement and take advantage of community supports. We will develop and implement a strategy to promote independence and educate stakeholders on the benefits of finding alternative support options.

Vision #3
Maximize the impact of The Arc of Indiana by ensuring The Arc’s presence in all of Indiana’s 92 counties

To meet the needs of stakeholders and to maximize the influence of The Arc of Indiana, it is essential to identify partners in every Indiana county to help fulfill our mission. Whether it is a partnership with a high-quality community-based provider of services or the identification of a core group of family members wanting to make a difference in their local community, the growth of our organization geographically is necessary. We will devote significant staff time and resources to:

  1. educate communities on the value of a connection to The Arc
  2. identify local families impacted by Indiana’s service system who are interested in advocacy
  3. assist families in the development of a formal association; and
  4. provide assistance in chapter formation and advocacy priorities. 

Vision #4
Identify the most effective role for The Arc of Indiana to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities as managed care grows in Indiana.  

The Arc of Indiana must be a discussion stakeholder as Indiana moves to managed care for Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS). The Arc of Indiana will support and guide strategies to protect people with IDD, both now and when Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) are folded into the managed care model. The Arc will determine the best approach to ensuring people with IDD receive the care coordination promised and that they deserve.

The Arc will remain a valued stakeholder by researching ways to align ourselves with Managed Care Entities, ensuring the proper focus is given to issues important to people with IDD and considering becoming a managed care entity ourselves.

We are certainly concerned about how local, community-based, not-for-profit providers will be impacted in a managed care market. We will identify the best option, assist in its creation, and maintain a focus on options that will improve outcomes for people with IDD in a managed care environment. The Arc of Indiana will seek out experts and stakeholders in the managed care arena to enhance our knowledge and create a path forward. Our goal is to ensure that people with IDD are supported and not negatively impacted in a managed care environment.

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